Trip report: Thai Airways business class Phuket- Bangkok (TG206) A330

A short but calm and civilised hop to Bangkok after a delicious week tucked away on an unspoilt part of southern Thailand. We flew business class because Phuket airport is an absolute nightmare and business class makes it bearable, and who wants to go and get all relaxed on a secluded island, only to be stuck around a tour group in economy?

I didn’t take pics in the lounge. It’s nothing special, but was very calm during our visit. The lounge staff were proactive in ensuring there were seats for all guests. Basic catering- fruit, instant noodles, pastries, etc.

As for the flight, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Seeing the Star Alliance livery, I wondered if it would feature the newer business class product. We’d taken this flight earlier this year and had the older style seat.

The old recliner seats are more than decent for the 1hr 10 min hop.

The 4pm departure was sold out, which is operated on a 777 with international config, if you’re really desperate for it. Then again, TG is infamous for its equipment changes.



Meals and drinks were served quickly from a cart on this short flight. Crew were friendly and professional. 

There is no inflight entertainment on short domestic hops, & without my own audio entertainment I noticed some passengers playing videos or games sans headphones, grr. With entertainment systems on board, that stuff is usually blocked out.

There was only 1 meal choice, but it was very tasty: Thai pumpkin and egg (one of my favourites!), rice and tamarind prawns. Dessert was an orange cheesecake, quite nice.  The meal appeared to be served on the new dining ware.

The seat is obviously a very old model and it’s hard to imagine when they were new and drawing oohs and aahs. However, the recline is decent, seat pitch very roomy and leg rest ok for short people like myself, and it’s definitely comfortable enough for a nap on a short flight. 

We took off and landed on time. Bags weren’t as late as HKG, but they’ve definitely come out quicker before. When luggage did materialise, ours was some of the first out.

A pleasant, calm experience. Smooth as silk!


2 thoughts on “Trip report: Thai Airways business class Phuket- Bangkok (TG206) A330

    1. Hi Alex,
      Glad it helped put your mind at ease! If you’re travelling on an international route, especially a medium/long-haul one, your aircraft will probably be more modern. Either way, I’m sure you’ll have a great trip with Thai, a wonderful airline. I’ve already booked my next trip on Thai, on the new 787 🙂
      Hope you enjoy Thailand!


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