Finnair A350

I hate the idea of in-flight wifi. I don’t travel for business and I’m of the belief that not being contactable for a few hours, being alone with your thoughts and a good book or movie, is a good thing. I can’t bear the inevitable acceptance of in-flight Skype and the like.

Which makes me the biggest bloody hypocrite for typing this while on board Finnair flight AY90 to Helsinki! Shame on me, but this is human nature: if something is free, and it is on business class, we’re going to give it a go, aren’t we?

I’ll do a full trip report when I can, but for now let me say I’m in love with Finnair and its business class product is fabulous. Crew are genuinely warm and nothing is too much trouble. I am so excited to be visiting Helsinki for the very first time.

I’ll finish up with some pictures:







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