A weekend in my second home

A couple more weeks till the end of the most hectic school term in Hong Kong. It really is ridiculous how much work is squeezed into these four months, while between June and July we barely do anything. Anyway, I’ll be back updating  soon enough. I have a gazillion trip reports and adventures to write about. In the meantime, I recently had a reprieve from the craziness with a weekend in Japan, in the city of my twenties.


A couple of hours of mild discomfort on Hong Kong express, where they try to sell you everything from food to train tickets, is worth it when confronted with this:


I would ride my bike down this road every day. One direction, Hakata, while the other way is Tenjin.

Real autumn! It had been at least three years. I’d forgotten the crisp sound dried leaves make on the pavement as the wind pushes them along.

In the bus from the airport, I felt my shoulders relax and my guard was let down. No loud, shouty crowds to deal with for a blessed 36 hours.  Instead, this:

Not dealing with the crowds and the stress of HK, we got on so much better and really enjoyed each other’s company.

I still mourn my Japan life.


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