A blast from the past: Singapore Airlines B777-200, HKG-SIN

The very first time I went overseas, I was by myself and flew Singapore Airlines. I remember being in awe of how spacious the dual aisle cabin seemed, helped by those signature Boeing overhead bins. Krisworld was amazing, and I still remember what I watched on that first flight – this trip opened the world to me, it really did, and just about every detail is seared into my memory. Over successive trips as a university student, the Singapore Airlines 777-200 became a very familiar aircraft. Nowadays, it’s usually the A330, A380 or B777-300 on the SQ routes I fly, and I last stepped into an SQ777-200 (sorta) about 5 years ago on Royal Brunei.


So last night down to Singapore  I took a trip down memory lane. I was more excited about a holiday than I’ve been in a long time, and stepping onto this aircraft made me remember the feeling of excitement and freedom of being an 18 year old let loose on the world. Although the seats are no longer the old purple, most else was the same. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Boarding, as seen from my seat in the last row. Thankfully there are no toilets behind that seat, just the galley. I overheard some interesting dialogue between managers and their junior staff 

Remember when these screens were considered huge? The AVOD was on-demand, at least (remember when it wasn’t?)

The cabin during the flight 
In this age of cost-cutting, I think the Indian vegetarian meal hasn’t changed much. There’s still metal cutlery, though the glass wine glass has disappeared. I remember SQ used to give out branded candies, too. 
Waiting to disembark. Seated right at he back, I thought it would take forever, but it was actually a very swift process 
Just like all those years ago in the old terminal, immigration was uncrowned and swift. SIN is such a calm airport unlike HKG 








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