Char kway teow at 18 Zion Road Food Centre, Singapore

I stumbled upon the Zion Road Food Centre as it was close to my hotel and I was on the lookout for char kway teow, fried thick rice noodles. I wasn’t hungry at all, mind, but when in Singapore…

If Hong Kong’s cooked food centres were this clean and had comparable variation in cuisines (don’t HKers want to eat something other than Cantonese food for a change??), I’d eat at them.


DSC_1300There was a queue outside the stall, suggesting its popularity. I think I waited about ten minutes to order, not too bad.

I ordered the small size for S$4. I got the calamansi-sour plum drink at another stall (S$2)

How was it? Hmm… I’ve read how people value the “wok hei” of the stall’s fried noodles but for me the taste bordered on plain burnt. Perhaps the fault lies with me, that after first falling in love with char kway teow in Penang, I’m forever devoted to the Penang style.

Still, I’m glad I tried this fried delight, and next time will also check if the stall uses lard or a (slightly) healthier vegetable oil.

Via Daily Prompt: Fry


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